First Name: Pete
Last Name: Soto

Company Name: Atlanta Falcons
Past Affiliations: Florida Panthers, Florida Marlins, Carolina Hurricanes

Number of Golden Matrix Award Nominations: Numerous with the Florida Marlins and Carolina Hurricanes.  One year there were 6 nominations.

Golden Matrix Awards Won: Multiple Golden Matrix Award Winner with the Marlins and Hurricanes.

Special Events: 1997 World Series; 2 Olympic Games; 4 Super Bowls, Stanley Cup Finals

Achievements / Innovations: Pete has been at the creative forefront in this industry since he started in 1993.  He has produced and directed some of the most talked about productions in the industry.  His influence has touched others in the industry as well as he has mentored many people who are running their own shows today.

Major Milestones

From starting out as an editor to working his way up to become one of the most respected producers in our industry is a major milestone.

Honors / Awards

Industry Affiliations: 

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the IndustryPete's desire to always produce a ground breaking show.  His tireless work ethic and ability to communicate with people on all levels has made a giant impact on this industry. Added 2018: Relentless creativity and loyalty. Multiple leagues, events, and teams he's spread his knowhow and creativity endlessly over the last 25 years.

Years of IDEA Membership: 23

Years in the Industry: 23

IDEA Leadership:

IDEA Role: Pete has always been an active and oftentimes vocal supporter of the association and its initiatives. Added 2018: Soto was always someone who spoke on behalf of the group and lead people in a way that made everyone want to be better. He would speak up for what he thought could be fixed, when most people get quiet.

Character Beyond ReproachOne of the most approachable people in the industry.  Pete has dealt with all levels of peers, opponents, subordinates and supervisors with absolute respect. Added 2018: Soto was my first point of contact into sport entertainment and he's been a phone call away with every single big move I've ever done. He's loyal to the many he's brought into this crazy industry and his passion for telling a story and honoring the fan experience with the best he has to offer is mind blowing.

Special ConsiderationPete has been successful with every team he has worked for.  It is unquestioned that he has been a leader in this industry since he started.  It is unquestioned that he has produced some of the most entertaining shows and edited some of the most dramatic videos over the course of his career.  He is respected by his peers and his team owners.  He is truly someone people look up to in this industry.

Nominated by: Bob Becker, VWSE Productions; updated 2018 by Jonny Greco, Vegas Golden Knights