First Name: Diane
Last Name: Ferrantil

Company Name: Palace Sports & Entertainment/Detroit Pistons

Past Affiliations:  

Number of Golden Matrix Award Nominations: Many

Golden Matrix Awards Won: 1990 Best Music Video; 1991 Best Music Video; 1994 Best Music Video; 1997 Best Promotional Video; 2000 Best Music Video; 2004 Best Music Video; 2013 Best Mascot Video

Special Events: 1989 NBA Finals/Championship; 1990 NBA Finals/Championship; 1993 NBA Draft; 1996 Olympic Games - Atlanta; 1997 Gordie Howe's Final Shift; 1997 Turner Cup Finals/Championship; 2003 WNBA Finals/Championship; 2006 WNBA Finals/Championship; 2008 WNBA Finals/Championship

Achievements / Innovations: The Pistons were innovators in the use of pyrotechnics for player introductions.  They added fire effects to their show as early as 2002.

Major MilestonesOne of a small handful of people who have been with the Pistons/Palace for all 29 years of it's existence

Honors / AwardsTogether with her team, the recipient of over 30 Emmy Awards, including her own recognition in 2005.

Industry Affiliations: WISE (Women in Sports and Events): Detroit Chapter.

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the IndustryDiane's professionalism is evident as she has climbed the ladder in her organization from the first Video Board Director at the Palace in 1988 to her current position of Vice President of Programming and Production.

Years of IDEA Membership: 25

Years in the Industry: 29

IDEA Leadership: 1994-1998 Golden Matrix Awards Chair

IDEA Role: Diane was a huge influence on the GMA Committee, and was dedicated to making the awards bigger and better each year.  She volunteered countless hours of her own time for many years to compile the GMA entries onto tape for the judges to view.  As the basketball representative, she worked to expand IDEA's membership and ensure a great experience for her breakout group at the conference.  As a member of the Host City Committee, Diane helped to make the 2016 IDEA Conference a huge success.

Character Beyond ReproachDiane's dedication, both to PS&E and IDEA, is clearly evident.  She has a passion for this industry, and is always eager to volunteer her time.  As an example of her dedication, Diane has only missed 6 Pistons games in her 29 years.

Special ConsiderationIt is so rare in this industry to find someone who has spent their entire career with one organization.  Diane has not only demonstrated her dedication to the Palace and the Pistons, but to IDEA through countless hours of volunteer service.  She is very deserving of election to the IDEA Hall of Fame.

It is worth noting that a woman has never been elected or nominated for the IDEA Hall of Fame (outside of the original Pioneer Class).  Given Diane's contributions to IDEA and our industry, it is time to give her the recognition that she deserves.

Nominated by: Susan Brooks, United Center