First Name: Chris
Last Name: Sullivan

Company Name: Diversified
Past Affiliations
Sony, Sony Jumbotron, Venue 1

Number of Golden Matrix Award NominationsSony Jumbotron was a perennial nominee in the 1990s.  Chris was always the face at IDEA for Sony in that period 1988-2003.

Golden Matrix Awards Won: Allied Member Award 1994 & 1997

Special Events: Far too many to count.  If there was a Jumbotron at a major sporting facility, indoor or outdoor, Chris was at the event to verify quality control and proper representation on behalf of Sony.

Achievements / Innovations: Helped to develop and introduce the first mobile JumboTron system. Served as the lead executive on the installation of the first video screen in Times Square, NYC.

Major Milestones: It's not a stretch to say that the name "JumboTron" became the "kleenex" phrase for the large screen display industry, due to it's huge explosion of proliferation in the late 80s throughout the decade of the '90s.  Today, JumboTrons are no longer manufactured, yet everyone refers to the big screens in stadiums and arenas as "JumboTrons".  That's a testament to the successful sales legacy Chris has left behind. I'd call that a milestone. 

Honors / Awards: Was inducted (twice) into the Sony Samurai Society, their highest award bestowed on a sales executive.

Industry Affiliations: Too many to count...again.
Chris served as lead sales exec on many high profile, multi-million dollar projects including the Dallas Cowboys, Madison Square Garden, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Padres, LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Barclays Center, Miami Marlins and Many More.

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the Industry: Chris positioned Sony JumboTron not only as a quality product, but as a fully transparent turnkey, project managed installation from concept thru operation. And it was all facets and combinations of large screen displays, control room, house televisions, and singular equipment purchases.  In any and every case, Chris would handle the sale with class, character and full transparency.

Years of IDEA Membership: 30+
Years in the Industry: 30+

IDEA Leadership: Due to his longevity in IDEA and his success with Sony, Chris was and is always considered a dean of the Allied Membership.
I am not sure if he served as an Allied Committee Chair, but in a de-facto sense he always has.

IDEA Role: Along with Dave Belding, Chris helped to share the brand entitlement and sponsorship of the early Golden Matrix Awards.  Back then, they were co-presented by Sony and Mitsubishi...and as such, instantly carried significant heft as an industry award.  That Chris would commit the Sony name and assist in the sponsorship of the GMAs, helped to give the GMAs solid footing from the get-go as an "industry honor".

Character Beyond Reproach: Chris is a true gentleman.  Even if he lost a sale, he treats the representatives as classy as he would if he had gotten it. Chris "sees it through"...meaning that he doesn't just get a signature on a contract.  He's always took taken the initiative to provide end-to-end project management on anything he stamps his name to...not just for the betterment of his employer, but equally so for the client.

Special Consideration: Great story.  I'm at Disney desperate need of a video screen for the Grand Opening of the Complex.  It's March 1997... Three weeks from the Opening.  Chris and Sony come through with a mobile display...and I look like the hero. No charge.  That's Chris.

Nominated by: John Franzone, Tampa Bay Lightening