First Name: Brian
Last Name: Scott

Company Name: VWSE Productions
Past Affiliations
Florida Marlins, Carolina Hurricanes

Number of Golden Matrix Award Nominations: Numerous Nominations as a member of the Carolina Hurricanes Production staff in the early 2000's

Golden Matrix Awards Won: 

Special Events: 13 Super Bowls; 13 NFL Drafts; 10 Years of NFL International Series Games; 2 Years Pro Football Hall of Fame; Vancouver Winter Olympics; Sochi Winter Olympics; 10 NCAA Women's College World Series; 7 NCAA Men's Frozen Four; 7 NHL Drafts

Achievements / Innovations: Brian Scott has had a major impact on game presentation, Worldwide.  His creativity, attention to detail, ability to deal with crews from all over the world and unmatched work ethic are second to none in this industry.  There is not one person in this business from clients to colleagues that does not have a profound amount of respect for Brian.

Major MilestonesI think being asked back to work all of the major events he has worked over a decade in this industry is a major milestone.

Honors / Awards

Industry Affiliations: 

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the IndustryAs mentioned above, Brian has brought close to 2 decades of hard work, understanding, creativity and passion to this industry.  He has made an impact on all of those he has worked for and with.  Brian is the most requested person on our staff.

Years of IDEA Membership: 19

Years in the Industry: 19

IDEA Leadership: While never holding a leadership position within IDEA, Brian has gone about it silently.  He as always supported the organization and its membership and has done whatever was asked of him

IDEA Role: 

Character Beyond ReproachCharacter means everything...Brian's respect to his peers, opponents, subordinates and supervisors is off the charts.  He treats everyone with respect and compassion.  Always the first to start late and lend a helping hand and ALWAYS at the detriment to his own personal life and well being.

Special ConsiderationBottom line, if we are awarding this for people in our membership who are deserving due to longevity, professionalism, creativity, passion for what they do, compassion for others, understanding of the process, then Brian is unmatched.  Brian is the person you want on your gig's with you.  He is what we call a "Survivor Man". put him in any situation, with any type of person and any level of equipment and he will create a show for you and in all cases it will be one of the best you have seen.  AND he will do it with the resources he has.  He has grown up in this industry and has grown to be one of the best entertainment producers out there, hands down.

Nominated by: Robert Becker, VWSE Productions