Inductees ~ Class of 2013

First Name: Cliff & Fran
Last Name: Wight & Kowalski

Company Name: Sound & Video Creations, Inc., Makers of ClickEffects
Past Affiliations

Number of Golden Matrix Award Nominations: Several

Golden Matrix Awards Won: 2007 Allied Member Achievement Award

Special Events:

Achievements / Innovations:

Major Milestones: Set the industry standard in point and click music and single-handedly killed 360 and digi cart

Honors / Awards

  • GMA for technical achievement and service to IDEA

Industry Affiliations: IDEA

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the Industry

Years of IDEA Membership
Years in the Industry

IDEA Leadership: Fran - Allied Member Representative 2005 - 2011

IDEA Role: Through thoughtful consideration of options, assured that the conference hotel was an appropriate site for both Active and Allied attendees. Elevated the role of Allied members within the organization.

Character Beyond Reproach

Special Consideration:

Additional Comments: Following are comments made by various Hall of Fame committee members when asked if Cliff & Fran should be nominated together or seperately: 

  • Mark DiNardo: I like nominating them together...kind of like Ernie and Bert from Sesame St. While they are two very different and successful individuals - thay have made their impact on our organizaiton and the industry as a say Click Effects without mentioning "Fran and Cliff" . . . a pair that made their mark on our business as one. It's like pizza without mozzerella...can't happen...except maybe in California...and we all know that's not real pizza to begin with...
  • Anthonly Fanticola: I say together! Like Mike & Ike's...peanut butter & jelly (not on pizzas from California)...
  • Pete Soto: Abbott & Costello, Fred & Ginger, Sam & Diane, Batman & Robin, Laurel & Hardy, Stiller & Mara, Laverne & Shirley, Lenny & Squiggy...
  • Aaron Buckles: Cliff & Fran should go in together. They are two peas in a pod. They go together like Kukla, Fran & Ollie, Milk & Cookies, Batman & Robin, The Lone Ranger & Tanto, Lassie & Timmy, Ozzie & Harriet, Suger & Spice, Rogers & Hammerstein.
  • Rod Murray: Concur on together. BTW - how did this wonderous group leave off this inseparable pairing (or did I just miss it?) . . .