Inductee ~ Class of 2018

First Name: Sergio
Last Name: Lozano

Company Name: United Center
Past Affiliations:  

Number of Golden Matrix Award Nominations: Too many to list

Golden Matrix Awards Won: 1996 Best Season Long Video; 2000 Best Overall Video Display; 2003 Best Overall Video Display/Facilities; 2004 Best Overall Video Display/Facilities; 2006 Best Overall Video Display/Facilities; 2007 Best Tribute Video; 2008 Best Mascot Video; 2008 Best Overall Video Display/Hockey; 2009 Best Overall Video Display/Hockey; 2010 Best Overall Video Display/Hockey; 2011 Best Overall Video Display/Basketball; 2012 Best Overall Video Display/Basketball; 2014 Best Special Occasion Video; 2015 Best Overall Video Display/Hockey; 2015 Best Promotional Video; 2016 Best Overall Video Display/Hockey; 2016 Best Promotional Video

Special Events: 3 NBA Finals; 3 NHL Finals; 1996 Democratic National Convention; 1998 Big Ten Tournament; 1999 Big Ten Tournament; 2000 Big Ten Tournament; 2001 Big Ten Tournament; 2002 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Regionals; 2003 Big Ten Tournament; 2005 Big Ten Tournament; 2007 Big Ten Tournament; 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 1st Round; 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 2nd Round; 2011 Oprah Winfrey's Farewell Show; 2013 Big Ten Tournament; 2015 Big Ten Tournament; 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Regionals

Achievements / Innovations:

Major Milestones:

Honors / Awards:

Industry Affiliations: 

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the Industry: See narrative below

Years of IDEA Membership: 23

Years in the Industry: More than 23

IDEA Leadership:

IDEA Role: 

Character Beyond Reproach: See narrative below

Special Consideration: When it comes event presentation, there are few organizations who rival the United Center in consistent excellence. And while there is a statue of Michael Jordan out front, there is another perennial All-Star whose longevity far surpasses number 23.

Sergio Lozano has been running the show ever since the United Center opened in 1993. He has been a part of 6 Championships with the Bulls and Blackhawks and taken home 17 GMAs. I’m pretty sure that is a record for both categories.

But excellence goes beyond just winning GMAs year after year. It’s about building a team that is excited to come to work day after day. Creating an environment where greatness is not only the goal – but expected in everything you do. And while the Bulls and Hawks had their lean years – think post Michael Jordan or pre Toews and Kane Blackhawks, the incredible content and production coming from the United Center has not. It’s really not even subjective – their show is professional through and through. Even players and front office executives throughout the NBA and NHL recognize it. Back in 2010 at the Tampa Bay Conference, former player and VP of Community Affairs Dave Andreychuk of the Tampa Bay Lighting spoke to the IDEA membership and recognized the Blackhawks as the team all teams should emulate.

A great leader cultivates talent and makes those around him better. That’s Sergio. Unlike our current Commander-In-Chief, Sergio never makes it about himself. He fosters an incredible environment of respect and creativity both within and outside his organization. Look no further than Susan Brooks. Susan, has worked alongside Sergio for 20 years, and has made her own legacy, having served as IDEA President for four years. That’s what great leaders do. They inspire those around them and give them an opportunity to do their own great things.

I have respected and admired Sergio and the work of his team ever since I have been part of this industry in the mid 90s. Sergio is one of my first calls if I ever have a question about anything production related, whether it be about an idea for a piece of content or new control room gear. He is an invaluable resource, but even more so, a trusted colleague and friend to myself and many other IDEA members.

In 2011, Sergio inducted one of his mentors, his Chicago compadre Jeff Szynal into the IDEA Hall of Fame. It is now time to recognize Sergio for the impact he has had on the industry.

Nominated by: David Schindler, Atlanta Hawks