Inductee ~ Class of 2015

Past Affiliations: Texas A & M University, Cowboys Stadium Consultant, University of Nebraska

Golden Matrix Awards Won: Best Overall Video Display ~ University

Special Events:

  • 2000 Winter Olympics
  • Consultant - Dallas Cowboys Videoboard

Achievements / Innovations: Jeff feels strongly that content is king. The size of the videoboard or the equipment behind the board is secondary to the creativity behind the contenct that drives each show. Has over eight former students/employees leading big screen/video departments including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Rangers, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Arkansas, V2 Content, United States Olympic Committee.

Major Milestones:

  • One of first big screen directors in college athletics
  • Senior Associate AD for Texas A & M
  • Consultant for Jerry Jones and Cowboys Stadium
  • Pioneered college big screen boom at Nebraska

Honors / Awards

  • GMA for programming excellence
  • Many awards at Texas A & M

Industry Affiliations: IDEA

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the Industry: Always focused on quality content! Created the "Entertain, Inform, Inspire" mantra. Built two of the most respected video departments in college athletics. 

Years of IDEA Membership: 10: 1996 - 2005
Years in the Industry: 30

IDEA Leadership: Advisory Rep - University; IDEA VP; IDEA President

IDEA Role: As President, Jeff established the partnership program which kept IDEA in the black and hired an Executive Director (Liz Burke Brown) to oversee the organization and implement the goals of the Executive Board. His organization and leadership provided a foundation for what IDEA is today.

Character Beyond Reproach: Jeff is one of the best guys in the industry. He is always willing to talk with others starting a department. Share ideas, insight, budgets. He's an extremely unselfish guy who cares deeply about IDEA and the many professionals he's impacted throughout the years.

Special Consideration: Jeff is one of the true visionary minds in our industry. His approach to programming big screens had a tremendous impact on everyone that was lucky enough to work with him. I will never forget Ed Filomia telling me, ten years after Jeff was President, about the impact he made on him and how his focus on the content not the screen still guides their show today.

Nominated by: Brandon Meier, University of Oklahoma