Inductee ~ Class of 2010

First Name: Denise
Last Name: Roberts McKee
Company Name: AboutFace Media
Past Affiliations: Limelife, Stunt Puppy Entertainment, Karen Johnson Productions

Golden Matrix Award Nominations:  Several Allied Member Award Nominations

Golden Matrix Awards Won: (2) Allied Member Achievment Award 1993 as part of Karen Johnson Productions. They were appropriately the winners of the inaugural award. President's Award, 1998.

Achievements / Innovations: Instrumental in helping Karen Johnson Productions become industry leader (in that window of 1986-2002ish) in sports display animations.  Simply put, helped bring matrix boards to life. 

Major Milestones


  • Co-Founded Limelife,a publisher of mobile media for women headquartered in the San
    Francisco Bay area.  Named a Red Herring Top Company for 2007.
  • Co-Founded Stunt Puppy independent developer of CD ROM games focused on the children’s market. SPE developed four Number 1 ranking titles.


Honors / Awards:


  • IDEA President's Award in 1998
  • Honorary Member of IDEA
  • Beyond that...too many to count I am sure.


How Nominee Helped to Further the Industry: Denise assisted Karen Johnson Productions during their boom years and helpd KJP become the little engine that could.  Denise was instrumental in making KJP the "Go To" at the time for any new monochrome matrix display content.  They branched into video production and held their own for a while before the computer animation infancy began to push traditional 2D animation aside.  It was a helluva run for KJP 1986-2004.

Years of Membership: 1987-current.

IDEA Service: Business Manager, 1991-1998. I believe Denise served as treasurer for four presidents: Shubin, Franzone, Murray & DiNardo.

IDEA Role: This is where Denise makes her mark for HOF consideration.  Her solidifying presence during the "90's growth" years of IDEA allowed for a measure of consistancy and financial accountability during a period when the "boom" was on.  Presidents came and went, but Denise carried the load.  Many existing procedures and policies are in place because Denice labored through establishing them in the first place.  Selfishly, I can state that she served as a trusted advisor and executor and confidant in putting the Annual Conferences together.  What is more remarkable, is that, unlike active members, Denise was an Allied Member. She selflessly volunteered her time away from her company's business to attend to IDEA's needs.  At the time, this was unheard of.  She set an amazing example for Allied Members to take ownership and participate in the spirit and lifeblood of IDEA...not just show up in a booth for 3 days.  She was the anchor to our ship, and IDEA today owes her a great debt for carrying the "fiscal and administrative" load through the 90's.

IDEA Years: 20+
Industry Years: 15+

Character Beyond Reproach: Denise became such a positive face for our association.  Almost synonymous for a while...and always with a character beyond reproach.  Trusted and always in good humor. Totally approachable by anyone at anytime.  Everyone could call her a friend. This is the stregnth of IDEA's forges so many lasting friendships.  In that light, I count myself fortunate to know Denise.  I haven't seen her since 1/06 and spoken with her for over a year.  And yet, she is one of my dearest friends.  Time can't put a dent in the bond we were able to devlop working together on IDEA.  She made me a better president, which I believe allowed the organization grow and improve and ultimately pass the torch to Mark DiNardo, who then took the organization to greater heights and will no doubt owe Denise the same debt of gratitude.

Special Consideration: After leaving KJP and the day-to-day minutae of participating in IDEA, Denise has been very successful at a few business ventures and am so proud of her current COO position with AboutFace. Like Sinatra, she's done it her way.  

Nominator First Name: John
Nominator Last Name: Franzone