Inductee ~ Class of 2015

Company Name: Atlanta Hawks & Philips Arena

Past Affiliations: 1994-1999 USAir Arena /MCI Center (Washington DC); June 1999-Current Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena.

Number of Golden Matrix Award Nominations: Many, too numerous to list

Golden Matrix Awards Won: Eight, including four Best Overall for individual sports (three basketball, one hockey): 2006 Best Show Open, 2005 Best Interactive Feature (as Atlanta Hawks), 2005 Best Overall Video Display /Basketball (as Atlanta Hawks), 2004 Best Overall Video Display/Hockey (as Atlanta Thrashers), 2003 Best Promotional Videos (as Philips Arena), 2002 Best Overall Video Display /Basketball (as Atlanta Hawks), 2001 Best Mascot Video (as Atlanta Hawks), 2001 Best Overall Video Display /Basketball (as Atlanta Hawks).

Achievements / Innovations: Started Philips Arena Video production department from scratch in Atlanta.

Major Milestones: 20 years in the event presentation industry. Recently named VP, Video Production and Creative for the Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. David was highly instrumental and a key production player in the opening of two facilities: the MCI Center in 1997 and the Philips Arena in 1999.

Way Nominee has Helped to Further the Industry: David's whole approach to event productiona dn video production is unique in its sense of entertainment value. He goes far beyond pyrotechnics in presenting and producing a real "show", in every sense of the word. In this respect, he is a true trendsetter in our industry.

Years of IDEA Membership: 18; 1996 - present
Years in the Industry: 20

IDEA Leadership: Golden Matrix Awards Chairman from 2004-2008. As GMA Chair (2004-2008) David helped change the way we vote for GMAs introducing the criteria system.

Served as Host Committee Chairman for the 2003 Atlanta Conference. Atlanta was the first conference to start using the content classes which are now the norm and run by the content committee. This was an Atlanta initiative.

Produced some memorable conference videos including the legendary IDEA Jeopardy, the Atlanta Conference video and Office Space switcher parody to name just a few.

Currently serving as IDEA Treasurer on the Executive Board.

IDEA Role: Unquenchable spirit of enthusiasm, professionalism and a unique approach to live event production, focusing on entertainment value and content, whihc won him many awards and most importantly, the great respect of his production team and the entire industry. One of the true originators.

Character Beyond Reproach: In addition to serving as host committee chair in 2003, GMA Chair from 2004-2008 and currently serving as Treasurer, David has earned the respect and admiration of his peers, his production team, the IDEA membership and live event presentation, having furthered the increasing scope of production by combining a unique feel for entertainment value with a sense of professionalism which has made him a true trendsetter in our industry.

Special Consideration: David never shies away from doing anything possible and certainly, anything needed, to help the IDEA organization continue to grow. In additions to positions he has held, he is a frequent contributor in meetings, forums, helping in IDEA event producing and volunteering to help the organization in any way possible.

David will always step-up when asked or if he sees something that needs assistance.  Whether it be filling in to run a Breakout Session, become GMA Chair, present a topic at a session, host a conference, create a video or become Treasurer, David is a quintessential IDEA member, lover and proponent. He will always do whatever is needed and more to make IDEA a better organization.

Nominated by: Fran Kowalski, Click Effects (Sound & Video Creations, Inc.)