Class of 2014

Company Name: Boston Red Sox

Past Affiliations: Baltimore Orioles, 1980 - 1996, LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres 

Special Events Worked: Far too many.  You are talking about 35 years of work that directly impacted our industry.  From from the Memorial Stadium in the 80's to an Opening Day Ring Ceremony at the Red Sox in 2014...he's done it all.

Achievements/Innovations: Most notably...from the mid 80's thru the mid 90's, Charles spearheaded the Baltimore Orioles game presentation - considered at the time to be one of the best in sports with their creative and clever use of music, stats, headshots, features and ceremonies.  Charles was one of the first to turn Game Ops into a revenue-generator thru annual in-house produced Orioles videos.  A visionary, Charles challenged Daktronics to adapt their DakStats software to accommodate the growing want for more stats in real time - dovetailing with debuting Camden Yards.  Additionally, Charles created a mentorship model...which proliferated out industry...around his internship development program...ushering in a new wave of game presentation talent (Eli Eisenberg, Bob Becker, Kyle Ritchie, Jennifer Berger, Pete Soto, Spiro Alafassos, Chad Messina, Tom Catlin, et. al.) many of whom would go on to long careers in our burgeoning industry.

Major Milestones: Charles is currently the Executive Vice President & Senior Advisor to the President / CEO at the Boston Red Sox. 

Charles is the career standard to which all other game presentation directors should aspire.  Typically, you reach the top of the "Game Ops" department and it's a dead end in a sports organization hierarchy.  Charles was the first to parlay his event production savvy to become a key front office executive VP... particularly with the Red Sox, Padres and Dodgers.

His convergence of our industry with that of marketing and community relations is extraordinary:

  • Vice President for Public Affairs, Red Sox
  • Executive Vice President for Public Affairs, Red Sox
  • Executive Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, LA Dodgers
  • Chief Marketing Officer, LA Dodgers
  • Executive Vice President of Marketing, Dodgers
  • Executive Vice President for Public Relations and Chief Marketing Officer, Dodgers
  • Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Boston Red Sox
  • Vice President, Public Affairs, Boston Red Sox
  • Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Sox
  • Vice President of Public Affairs, Sox
  • Vice President for Public Affairs
  • The Great Fenway Park Writers Series & DMX-direct Inc
  • Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Padres
  • Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, San Diego Padres
  • Executive Vice President of Public Affars, San Diego Padres

Honors / Awards: Made an Honorary Member of IDEA in 1993. Far too many to list here. Many, many accolades to his name. You can include spending two years working directly with the Commissioner of Baseball as an honor as well.

Industry Affiliations:  Orioles, Padres, Red Sox, Dodgers

Further Industry: Simply, the best possible role model for any young producer could have possibly had in that window of 1987-1996 when our industry exploded with the installation of new displays and systems. Many new faces joined IDEA at that time, and Charles' professionalism, sense of humor and inspiring passion for what we do was clearly passed on to a new generation of game presentation directors/producers.

Years of IDEA Membership:  25-30+
IDEA Service: Pretty sure he was a VP at some point early in IDEA's history...not 100% sure. But it doesn't matter...he felt like one.
IDEA Role: Simply, his passion for what we do.
Charles led pre-game ceremonies - particularly those with the Red Sox - are the gold standard by which most all such ceremonies should be measured.
World Class, Elegant and Evocative.
IDEA Years: 20 - 30
Industry Years: 30+

Character Beyond Reproach: Immensely respected. I remember Charles speaking at the MLB Winter meetings in Orlando in 2005...and...thinking that he was just as passionate as when I first met him at IDEA in Anaheim in 1989.

Special Consideration: If there is one person who belongs in the Hall of Fame for affecting IDEA outside-in, it's Charles. His legacy of work, is one of which our industry should be proud.

Nominated By: John Franzone, Tampa Bay Lightning