Class of 2016
Bob Becker   Tim Gunkel
Class of 2015
David Schindler   Jeff Schmahl
Class of 2014
  Dr. Charles Steinberg  
Class of 2013
Anthony Fanticola   Cliff & Fran
Class of 2012
  Aaron Buckles  
Class of 2011
Rod Murray   Jeff Szynel
Class of 2010
John Franzone   Denise Roberts McKee
Class of 2009
  Mark DiNardo  
Class of 2008 ~ "The Pioneers"
  Dave Belding       Mitsubishi Electric DiamondVision Systems
  Liz Burke Brown       Chicago White Sox
  Jack Croghan       St. Louis Cardinals
  Paul Darst       Houston Astrodome
  Dick Davis       HHH Metrodome
  Karen Johnson       Animagination
  Betsy Leesman       New York Yankees
  Gabe Paul, Jr.       Milwaukee Brewers
  Howard Pizer       Chicago White Sox
  Paul Shubin       Montreal Expos / Montreal Canadians