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Once a year, IDEA holds an industry-wide conference that deals with topics of relevance to its members. The annual conference is divided into general sessions, seminars, workshops, user groups and event-specific breakout groups, enabling IDEA to respond to the specific needs of individual interest groups. Guest speakers are also invited to address the conference in their areas of expertise. Through its various sessions, excursions, and Partner Expo, IDEA annual conference provides an ideal vehicle for networking with those in the Game and Event Presentation industry. 

Upcoming Conference

The 40th Annual IDEA Conference returns to a LIVE format!

  • Who: Professionals in the Game and Event Presentation industry
  • What: 40th Annual IDEA Conference
  • When: July 10 - 13, 2022
  • Where: Nashville, TN
  • Why: The premier gathering of game and event presentation professionals for over 35 years

Future Events

2022 - Nashville

Past Events

 Year   City   President *
 2021  Online due to pandemic  Annie Merovich, Ontario Reign
 2020  Online due to pandemic  Annie Merovich, Ontario Reign
 2019  San Diego, CA  Annie Merovich, LA Kings
 2018  Indianapolis, IN  Chris DeRuyscher, Texas Rangers
 2017  Philadelphia, PA  Chris DeRuyscher, Texas Rangers
 2016  Detroit, MI  Chris DeRuyscher, Texas Rangers
 2015  Seattle, WA  Chris DeRuyscher, Texas Rangers
 2014  Dallas, TX  Susan Brooks, United Center
 2013  Montreal, QC  Susan Brooks, United Center
 2012  Minneapolis, MN  Susan Brooks, United Center
 2011  Kansas City, MO  Susan Brooks, United Center
 2010  Tampa, FL  Anthony Fanticola
 2009  Phoenix, AZ  Anthony Fanticola, Washington Redskins
 2008  Chicago, IL  Anthony Fanticola, Washington Redskins
 2007  Denver, CO  Anthony Fanticola, Washington Redskins
 2006  Los Angeles, CA  Steve Warren, Cleveland Indians 
 2005  Houston, TX  Steve Warren, Cleveland Indians
 2004  Pittsburgh, PA  Rick Church, Michigan State University 
 2003  Atlanta, GA  Rick Church, Michigan State University
 2002  Bay Area CA  Kyle Ritchie, Carolina Panthers
 2001  South FL  Kyle Ritchie, Carolina Panthers
 2000  Buffalo, NY  Jeff Schmahl, University of Nebraska 
 1999  Tampa, FL  Jeff Schmahl, University of Nebraska
 1998  Las Vegas, NV  Mark DiNardo, Corestates Complex 
 1997  San Diego, CA  Mark DiNardo, Corestates Complex
 1996  Phoenix, AZ   Rod Murray, Cleveland Cavaliers 
 1995  Cleveland, OH   Rod Murray, Cleveland Cavaliers
 1994  Salt Lake City, UT  John Franzone, New York Yankees
 1993  New York, NY  John Franzone, New York Yankees
 1992  Orlando, FL  Paul Shubin, Paul Shubin & Associates
 1991  Dallas, TX  Paul Shubin, Paul Shubin & Associates
 1990  Toronto, ON  Lisa Veilbig, Oregon Convention Center 
 1989  Anaheim, CA  Alan Ledford, Oakland A's
 1988  New Orleans, LA  Terry Ann Peterson, Milwaukee Brewers
 1987  Minneapolis, MN   Terry Ann Peterson, Milwaukee Brewers
 1986  Houston,TX  Paul Shubin, Paul Shubin & Associates
 1985  Racine, WI  (organizer)* Karen Johnson, Animagination
 1984  St. Louis, MO  (organizer)* Robin Monsky, St. Louis Cardinals
 1983  Chicago, IL  (organizer)* Liz Burke, Chicago White Sox

*IDEA held it first election of officers at the 1985 Conference.