The Hall of Fame Committee is charged with oversight of the nomination and selection process of the Hall of Fame inductees, as well as the induction ceremony which takes place at the Golden Matrix Awards ceremony during the annual IDEA Conference. 

Committee Membership

The Hall of Fame Committee will consist of nine voting members as follows:

Number     Representing             Current Representative
1     Hall of Fame Members             Jeff Szynal
1     IDEA Past President             Susan Brooks
1     IDEA Executive Board             Chris DeRuyscher
3     Active IDEA Members             John Franzone, co-Chair
                    Rick Fairbend
                    Doug Swan
1     Allied IDEA Members             Sarah Rose
2     At Large             Aaron Buckles, co-Chair
                    Scott Cunningham
1     Secretary (non-voting)             Dave Belding


Terms of Committee Members

  • Committee members will commit to a three year term.
  • Three members will be “replaced” at each conference.
  • The incoming Hall of Fame member position will be appointed by the outgoing Hall of Fame member.
  • The incoming Past President will be appointed by the outgoing Past President member.
  • The Executive Board member will change when a new Executive Board is elected (bi-annually).
  • Active, Allied and At Large members will be offered to the entire IDEA membership. Should several members offer to sit on the committee, a vote will be held at the conference.
  • The chairperson will be elected by the committee