39th Annual IDEA Conference

The 39th Annual IDEA Conference will be held, virtually, throughout the month of July.

Join us as we head Back to the Future and consider life in a post pandemic era.





GENERAL SESSIONS (available to all industry professionals)

  • Venue Tours available beginning Thursday, July 8
    • Allegiant Stadium, Home of the Las Vegas Raiders and the UNLV Rebels football
    • Globe Life Field, Home of the Texas Rangers
    • SoFi Stadium, Home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams


You will want to make sure to attending this fast moving competition between breakout groups! You never know what useless information or skills you may have that will put your team on the road to victory. New games and matchups every week, so make plans now to attend these family friendly events.

  • 8:00 pm eastern / 7:00 central / 6:00 mountain / 5:00 pacific 
    • Thursday, July 8: IDEA Game Night - Welcoming Event
    • Thursday, July 15: IDEA Game Night - Round One
    • Thursday, July 22: IDEA Game Night -  Round Two
    • Thursday, July 29: IDEA Game Night -  FINALS!
    • Friday, July 30: IDEA Online Karaoke

BREAKOUTS (please note: breakouts are open only to full time professionals affiliated with that particular breakout)

  • Baseball: TBA - Jami Itiakase, Cincinnati Reds & Jeff Cedarbaum, Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Basketball: Wednesdays, July 7 & 21 @ 3:00 EDT - Karina Anglada, Golden State Warriors & Keith Haeberle, Miami Heat
  • Football: Thursdays, July 8 & 22 @ 4:00 EDT - Liz Coates, Denver Broncos & Allan Wertheimer, Minnesota Vikings
  • Hockey: Tuesdays @ 3:00 EDT - Taylor Dean, Toronto Maple Leafs & TBD
  • Minor League: TBA - Aaron Henry, Hershey Bears & TBD
  • Soccer: Thursday, July 15 @ 3:00 EDT - Todd Albright, Chicago Fire FC & Brooke Eveler, New York Red Bulls
  • University: Thursdays @ 3:00 EDT - Chris Ostien, West Virginia University & Jeff Hanel, Auburn University

SPECIAL INTEREST CAUCUSES (open to all industry professionals fitting the group demographic)

IDEA is a supportive community of creatives that is dedicated to providing an avenue for sharing mutual experiences in a supportive, empathetic environment. We ask you to respect the sanctity of these safe spaces and only participate in areas where you have shared experience with the group members.

Other caucuses are coming soon. If you have any suggestions or particular areas of interest, please contact Derryl Myles, Inclusion and Outreach Committee Chair.

  • APAI Caucas: TBA
  • Black Caucus: TBA - Shaun Curtis, President, S.O. Casual
  • Multiracial Caucus: TBA - Christina Mixon, Managing Director, Mixon Digital
  • Women's Caucus: Wednesday, July 29 @ 11:00 EDT - Susan Brooks, Manager of Scoreboard Operations, United Center
  • Young Professionals Caucus: TBA - Laura Johnson, Director, Game Presentation and Live Events, San Francisco 49ers


  • IDEA 101: Wednesday, July 7 @ 5:00 EDT (open to all registered college students and recent grads) 
    Panelists will discuss various opportunities available within the Event Presentation industry and offer helpful tips on how to prepare yourself for employment in the field. Session will include a Q & A segment.
    Panel includes: 
    • Lamont Buford, Vice President of Game Presentation, Seattle Kraken
    • David Pedersen, Assistant Athletic Director/War Eagle Productions, Auburn University
    • Laura Johnson, Director, Game Presentation and Live Events, San Francisco 49ers
    • Christina Mixon, Managing Director, Mixon Digital
    • Alyssa Traxson, Senior Production Manager, Arkansas Razorbacks
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  • Inclusion and Outreach mentorship program (applicants must have been nominated by an IDEA member in good standing to apply for this opportunity)


IDEA offers a number of ways to get involved in the organization. You'll have the opportunity to meet and work with your peers while bettering the organization.

  • Conference Content Committee (CCC):
  • Golden Matrix Awards (GMA) Committee:
  • Hall of Fame (HoF) Committee:
  • Inspire the Passion (ITP) Award Committee:
  • Inclusion and Outreach (IO) Committee:
  • Social and Marketing (SAM) Committee: 


Creative Opportunities and Challenges in a New Building Join the staffs of Allegiant Stadium, Globe Life Field, and SoFi Stadium to discuss their recently opened facilities.  We will discuss the creative decisions that were made as these facilities took shape, the creation of content and new rituals within the venues, new staffing needs, and the unique challenges of opening a new building in the midst of a pandemic. Please consider watching the Venue Video Tours in advance of this panel or join us 45 minutes early when we will be streaming the tours back to back to back.   TBA Monday July 12   1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Storytelling 101 with the WWE This course takes a deep dive into the entertainment experience of WWE. Panelists include current and former employees of WWE and will cover their creative process when it comes to storytelling,  character building of villains and heroes, and the qualitative vs quantitative approach regarding entertainment value.   TBA  Wednesday July 14   1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Starting with a Blank Slate Ever wonder what it's like to start from a completely blank slate? Come join this panel discussion to learn what it takes to launch an expansion team, build a fan base in a new city, or approach an event that only happens once a year. We'll hear from industry leaders who have been faced with the challenge of entertaining fans that are new to their event.
  TBA  Monday July 26   2:00 EDT
1:00 CDT
12:00 MDT
11:00 PDT
Bringing Concert Production
into Sports Entertainment
Ever wonder how your favorite concerts have come together? Do you want to know how to implement those techniques into your show?  Let’s follow Charlie Alves as he describes how a concert comes together from preproduction to day of the show. Charlie has been professionally designing video for performances whether it be theater, live music, or sports around the globe for 13 years.  During that time, he wore many hats, from being the Tour Manager/ Production Manager, to being Show/Video Director & Media Designer/Director. In those years of traveling, he has worked for acts like Macklemore, Bastille, Alesso, Avicii, Blue Man Group, Michael Buble, Cheap Trick, Metallica, and Big Time Rush. Charlie has brought his expertise to the Chicago Bulls as a consultant and producer tasked with bringing in new ideas for high level productions.  

Charlie Alves
Chicago Bulls

Michelle McComas
Senior Director of Entertainment and Events
Chicago Bulls

Moderator: Lina Martino
Creative Producer/Editor
United Center

July 23
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Titans & Train Wrecks Everyone has a story to tell! Join this interactive discussion about the year’s best practices and biggest blunders! Attendees should submit or nominate a video or photo to share their game day shining moments and cringe worthy train wrecks. We’ll then discuss these moments in an open forum breakout.  Please submit photos and videos prior to attending.    David Schindler
Senior Director/Executive Producer
of Event Presentation & Production

Tennessee Titans
Wednesday July 28 
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Women in the Industry:
Workplace Feedback and Development
This open-to-all conversation will focus on two topics of discussion. Research has shown that men receive more actionable feedback in the workplace than women. This leads to a gender gap in career development and advancement. How can managers ensure that they are providing equal feedback to all their employees, and what steps should women take to demand this important feedback? We will then turn our focus to strategies for management and employees to provide an inclusive work environment for everyone. This session will be structured as a moderated group discussion, with participation encouraged.   TBA  Tuesday July 20   1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Sports Betting

Sports betting continues to increase in popularity with fans in and around the arenas. Why should we look to integrate this into the game experience? We’ll take a deep dive into how it is evolving on the team level, and the various opportunities for fans and brands to monetize or incentivize their fans. We’re also looking at how the rules and regulations vary from state to state and areas of success for teams/brands.

   TBA Monday July 19
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Tips & Tricks for Expanding Diversity Initiatives A dive into things that worked, and ideas that didn’t from diversity officers from around the country. Ideas you can take back to your organization on helping create a inclusive environment.    TBA Tuesday July 27    1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
What We Know Now
This session will explore new processes, procedures and production elements we developed during and coming out of pandemic that we can translate to our current and future shows.   TBA Thursday July 29   1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Storytelling Panel Hear from a panel of award winning storytellers on their unique perspectives on how they tell their teams stories. Learn their process from pre-production, to production and post-production.  There will also be time to ask questions.   TBA  Friday
July 9
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Advanced Cinema 4D Advanced Cinema 4D will walk you through intricate details of the program. Focusing on texturing, lighting and other techniques to take your renders to the next level.   TBA Thursday July 15    1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Color Grading, How to Earn an A+ Want to learn how to do more than just white balance and throw a LUT on your footage? Then join us as Drew Ferguson of the Dallas Cowboys walks you through how to not only color correct in post, but also how to shoot in preparation for color correcting.   Drew Ferguson
Manager of Corporate Partnership Video Production
Dallas Cowboys
Wednesday July 21   1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Today's Technology Join the engineering staff of Allegiant Stadium, Globe Life Field, and SoFi Stadium to discuss their recently opened facilities. We will discuss the latest technology going into these facilities, the challenges of building new stadiums and any lessons learned during this process.  Please consider watching the Venue Video Tours in advance of this panel or join us 45 minutes early.   TBA  Monday July 12
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Remote Transmission Deep Dive A conversation with industry experts about the different ways to currently deliver a video stream and the advantages of different techniques.  

John Mailhot
CTO & Director of Product Management, Infrastructure & Networking 
Imagine Communications

Michael Cronk
VP of Advanced Technology at Grass Valley
Chairman of the Board, AIMS

Harjinder Sandhu
Director of Solutions Enterprise Encoding

Moderator: Bryan Nelson
System Sales Account Executive
Alpha Video

July 16
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
4K And Above Lessons learned and methods for successful deployment of 4k and 8k systems in live sports environments. This focuses on both region of interest replay and glass to glass production.  

Aron Kennedy
Vice President of Game Day Production and Broadcast Operations
Francisco 49ers

Brendan Cline
Senior Engineer & Director of Engineering

Thursday July 22   1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT
Transitioning to Hybrid Workflows

Many sports-production operations are shifting from purely on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid cloud model that offers increased flexibility and scalability. As a result, teams are faced with a myriad of new considerations when looking for storage, Nearline, Archive and MAM solutions. Hear how your peers are adapting to the changing environments.


Jacob Potter
Assistant Athletics Director, Broadcast
University of Oklahoma Athletics - 

Derek Parker
Media Manager
Golden State Warriors, Chase Center

Moderator: Doug Price
Sr. Account Mgr
CHESA - National Systems Integrator

Tuesday July 13 
  1:00 EDT 12:00 CDT 11:00 MDT 10:00 PDT

All programming is subject to change.