Voting Criteria

Each entry will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Innovation, Production Quality/ Execution, Entertainment value. Judges will vote on a scale of 1-10 in each criterion – 30 being the maximum score allowed. While for the most part self-explanatory, the following are guidelines to use when judging each criterion:

• Innovation: How ground-breaking and creative is the idea? How imaginative is the piece? Is it a new idea? Or, a new creative spin on an old idea?
• Production Quality/Execution: How good does the feature look and sound?  Did the final product come across well? Was it cleanly produced?
• Entertainment Value: Overall effectiveness/enjoyment of the piece.

First round judges score each entry independently. Scores will be tabulated and finalists determined based on these results.

First-round GMA judging of all categories except “Best Overall Video Display” will take place, online, approximately one month prior to the annual IDEA conference. First-round judging for the “Best Overall Video Display” will take place during special breakout sessions at IDEA’s annual conference. Winners from each of IDEA’s seven subdivisions (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Minor League, Soccer and University) will be presented to the conference attendees for final voting.

All of IDEA's Active and Allied organizations that are in good standing are eligible to be first-round judges. Only one ballot per organiztion will be accepted.  Organizations are NOT allowed to vote for their own submissions in the first round of judging.

Following first-round voting, the GMA Committee will review the entries for any possible rule infractions, or other discrepancies. Following a GMA Committee conference call to settle any issues, a final ballot will be produced by the Executive Director of IDEA.

Final voting will then take place during general sessions at the Annual IDEA Conference, with all Active and Allied member organizations in attendance receiving ONE vote per organization.


GMA trophies will be presented to the first place winners in each of the thirteen award categories. (In addition, seven additional awards will be presented in the "Best Overall Video Display" category, awarded to the winner in each of IDEA's seven subdivisions.) In the event of a tie, each organization will receive a trophy.

For a list of all current award categories for the upcoming competition year, please refer to the Awards Categories page.  If you are an Active IDEA member in good standing interested in entering, please review the Entry Information page.