PLEASE BE ADVISED that all entries will be submitted online, via IDEA's ftp (egnyte.com).
We will be utilizing vimeo.com for first round judging and the archiving of all entries.

Please read the following upload information carefully to avoid disqualification.

Steps to Enter

Pay for entries  Click here to pay now 

You will be able to purchase as many entries as you would like and pay once.  If you need more - buy more before May 1, 2018.  There will be no refunds for unused entry fees.

Fill out entry forms  Click here to enter now

Before uploading any submission to IDEA's ftp you must FIRST fill out a GMA entry form, in its entirety, for each individual GMA entry. Failure to fill out the form completely will subject the entry to disqualification. No information involving production budgets or creative resources will be requested.  The forms will be reconciled against payments!

Upload to Egnyte

Compression Guidelines

Entries may be submitted in HD or SD using the H.264 (MP4) Codec. Knowing that everyone will be utilizing different non-linear editing systems please follow this link to Vimeo's help center as they have an Exporting/Compression tutorial for every NLE system.

Download any FTP client

Free clients include Filezilla, Core FTP LE, or Bitkinex. Mac users may download Filezilla or Fetch. You can also purchase an FTP client such as WS FTP Pro, which may provide more functionality compared to free FTP clientsHost.

Login to FTP - Usernames and Passwords

Members who submitted GMA entries last year - usernames and passwords have not changed. Last year you would have received an email that contained your user name and password.  Please keep this information for future reference.  If you need your information resent, please email GMA@ideaontheweb.org with subject line NEED FTP ACCESS.

New entrants will receive their username and passwords within 48 hours of filling out the GMA Entry forms. PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE YOUR ENTRY FORMS IN TIME TO UPLOAD BY THE MAY 1 DEADLINE.

Please allow 48 hours to receive username and password after filling out the GMA Entry Form. This will be coming from egnyte.com, the FTP hosting service. Please check your spam filters before requesting a reset.

Resetting Passwords: If you need to reset your password - that must be done via a web browser. https://ideaoncloud.egnyte.com/#login The email will be sent to the account holder.  If you don't receive it within five minutes, email GMA@ideaontheweb.org to gain access.

From a ftp client:
Host: ftp-ideaoncloud.egnyte.com
Username: you@ideaoncloud 
Please replace "you" in username example with name included in invitation. 
Password: case sensitive

Upload Your Files

Once you connect, simply browse your local drive to upload from the Local Site window on the left. Drag the files to your organization's folder in the Remote Site on the right. Please note that each member organization has their own file for uploads. 

Use the following format to name your files for upload: year_organization_category.  For instance, 1983_Minnesota Timberwolves_Best Mascot Video.

You MUST follow the above format for naming your entry.  Please be advised that the information provided on your entry form will be available for first round judging.  So, in the above example, if the entry is "Mascot Goes Crazy at Stadium", that information will be included in the First Round Judging Information.

Please be aware that once you have successfully uploaded your entry, IDEA will be moving it to vimeo.com for first round voting. Therefore, if you notice a previously submitted entry missing from your folder, it simply means it has already been processed.

QUESTIONS? Contact us.

Golden Matrix Awards Entry Deadline is May 1