Entries Accepted April 1 - May 1

The Golden Matrix Awards (GMAs) are open to all Active members of IDEA in good standing. 

To be eligible, all entries must have first appeared on a venue's display system between May 1, 2017 - April 30, 2018.

The GMA Committee reserves the right to settle any and all questions of eligibility, verify all entry information and resolve all differences through its committee procedure.  The president of IDEA has final authority in all disputes between the entrant and the GMA Committee.

Each individual GMA entry must be submitted directly to the current GMA Chairman according to the submission guidelines.  (See below for complete details.)  All GMA entries shall become property of IDEA and may be used by IDEA for promotional and archival purposes, including possible podcast, cablecast, or broadcast applications. 

2018 Entry Preparation & Rules 

All entries will be submitted online, via IDEA's ftp. We will be utilizing vimeo.com as the online application for first round judging and the archiving of all entries. Please read the following entry preparation and rules carefully to avoid disqualification.

1. Each individual production may only be entered once. No production may be submitted in more than ONE category, with the following exception: an excerpt from a production entered in another category may be incorporated into entries in either the “Best Overall Video Display” or “Best Overall Matrix Display” categories. There is a maximum limit of TWO features per category – no exceptions. Any submissions over this limit will be immediately disqualified.

2. Before uploading any submission to IDEA's ftp you must FIRST fill out a GMA entry form online, in its entirety, for each individual GMA entry. Upon entry, you will receive an email with the IDEA ftp info and upload instructions. Failure to fill out the form completely will subject the entry to disqualification. No information involving production budgets or creative resources will be requested.

3. COMPRESSION GUIDELINES - Entries may be submitted in HD or SD using the H.264 (MP4) Codec. Knowing that everyone will be utilizing different non-linear editing systems please follow this link to Vimeo's help center as they have an Exporting/Compression tutorial for every NLE system.
4. Each entry must be accompanied by payment in full of the $50.00 per entry fee. Payment must be made online with credit card.  NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PAYMENT.

5. Each entry must be submitted "as aired", as the fans saw and heard it. NO additional audio or video elements or treatments may be used. However, if applicable, matrix support may be added to any "video" entries.
6. Any entry exceeding the set time limit for its category will automatically be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS. If the production to be entered is longer than the stated time limit for that category, then the entry must fade to black prior to the stated time limit.
7. 2018 Golden Matrix Awards Entry Deadline is May 1, 2018, 11:59 pm MST.  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED! 

8. Only Active IDEA members in good standing are eligible to participate. If you have not yet paid your 2018 membership dues, please do so before entering.

Failure to comply with all of the above entry regulations may result in disqualification of the entry, at the discretion of the IDEA GMA Committee.