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13 Days of GMAs

Congratulations to all of our Finalists and Winners!

Wednesday, December 1: Best Interactive Feature

  • Golden State Warriors, “The Dub Hub”
  • Miami Heat, “Masked Player”
  • Seattle Mariners, “The Great Debate”

Thursday, December 2: Best Hype Video

  • Chicago Bulls, “Selah”
  • Golden State Warriors, “Keep It Going”
  • Philadelphia Flyers, “Blinding Lights”
  • Seattle Seahawks, “Elemental”

Friday, December 3: Best Tribute Video

  • Arizona Coyotes, “Leighton’s Legacy”
  • Golden State Warriors, “The Rack - Rick Welts”
  • Milwaukee Brewers, Hank Aaron Tribute - Narrated by Bob Uecker”

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Saturday, December 4: Best InGame Feature 

  • Golden State Warriors, “History Won’t Exist”
  • Houston Rockets, “Cap or No Cap”
  • Miami Heat, “Speak the Truth”
  • Toronto Blue Jays, “Teammates”

Sunday, December 5: Best Special Occasion Video

  • Detroit Pistons, “Detroit Pistons and Detroit Youth Choir Small Business Tribute”
  • Golden State Warriors, “Oakland’s Own”
  • New York Mets, “What If”
  • University of Louisville, “Halloween Football”

Monday, December 6: Best Music Video

  • Chicago Bulls, “Purple Hat”
  • New Jersey Devils, “Game On”
  • Philadelphia 76ers, “76 

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Tuesday, December 7: Best Promotional Videos 

  • Golden State Warriors “Joy in Buckets”
  • Philadelphia 76ers, “Continuing the Legacy” 
  • Tennessee Titans, “Tough Tennessee”

Wednesday, December 8: Best Mascot Video 

  • Detroit Tigers, “Masconet” 
  • Houston Rockets, “Clutch Foley Artist” 
  • Milwaukee Brewers, “No More Pre-Taped Races” 
  • United Center, “Mascot Swap”

Thursday, December 9: Best Supporting Displays

  • Chicago Blackhawks 
  • Chicago Bulls 
  • Golden State Warriors 

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Friday, December 10: Best Show Open 

  • Golden State Warriors, “Run It Up” 
  • Philadelphia Union, “All Eyes on Me” 
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “Conquest” 
  • Tennessee Titans, “Another Level” 
  • Vegas Golden Knights, “VGK Round 3 Open - Montreal” 

Saturday, December 11: Allied Member Achievement Award

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Sunday, December 12: President’s Award 


Monday, December 13: Best Overall Production

  • Baseball: Baltimore Orioles 
  • Basketball: Golden State Warriors 
  • Football: Minnesota Vikings 
  • Football: Tennessee Titans
  • Hockey: San Jose Sharks
  • Soccer: Minnesota United FC
  • University: Auburn University 

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